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Long-Term Warehouse Storage Solutions In Wisconsin

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Near Madison, Oshkosh, & Milwaukee

Long-term storage refers to storage for 3+ months. CDY provides long-term storage solutions to clients, companies, & distributors who need to store inventory for extended or indefinite periods of time. Some of the most common reasons for long-term solutions include:

  • Seasonal products – crop harvest, holiday inventories, seasonal boat, car, and RV
  • Paperwork storage
  • Bulk materials
  • Collectible storage

CDY can provide storage space for dry goods, materials, supplies, and collectible assets for as long as you need, and ensure your inventory is secure.

Cupery De Young Fox Lake Warehouse

Secure Long-term Storage Facilities

All warehouses are properly ventilated and all fire systems are up to code. We also have regular pest control management to ensure the integrity of your items inside. For those clients desiring additional security over and above our rural, remote, and limited access facility’s current attributes, please contact us to design a solution to accommodate your needs.

Our Warehouse Space & Long -Term Storage Capacity

No matter what inventory you need to store, CDY can provide a climate-controlled, FDA-approved warehouse space for your bulk material, dry goods, cars, RVs, and other supply for up to 3, 5, 7, 10 years, or longer. Wisconsin companies and clients rely on CDY to provide a safe and secure storage space for their assets. We’re here to provide the best possible solution.

CDY Warehouse Locations

CDY has long-term warehouse storage facilities in Friesland and Fox Lake, Wisconsin. Both locations are in rural south-central Wisconsin, away from any high-populations where security becomes a larger concern. South-central Wisconsin is also an ideal location for shipping & distribution to Milwaukee, Chicago, Madison, Green Bay, Minneapolis, and beyond.


Contact CDY Storage today for more information on long-term storage and pricing, or learn more about our short-term storage options as well.

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