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About Cupery & De Young

Since the early 1920’s Cupery & De Young has served the Friesland, Wisconsin and surrounding communities, evolving with the times and community needs.

The Early Years

Cupery & De Young has its roots dating all the way back to the early 1920’s with a hardware store serving Friesland and the surrounding community.  They carried items for the home and farm, and were even featured in Speed Queen’s The Agitator for their successful sales results in 1929.  As transportation routes and cars improved, the hardware business began to wane as local consumers were able to more easily travel to patronize distant bigger retailers with larger selections.

Realizing a change was needed for Cupery & De Young’s continued survival, Del De Young identified a market that was underserved, that of commercial warehousing.  Seizing this opportunity, he formed Cupery & De Young Storage Corporation in 1961 with the help of the original investors in Cupery & De Young’s Hardware Store. The new storage company purchased the land and buildings from the defunct Richland Canning Company in Friesland, and began to serve several of the local vegetable processors for storage of their finished goods.

Cupery & De Young in the late 20’s

Cupery & De Young in the late 20’s

Expansion & Growth

Success lead to expansion in 1968 and again in 1972, with the latter effectively doubling the size of operations. These buildings were constructed at such a height that specialized forklifts were designed to stack pallets of containers at the unprecedented height of 42 feet. Our customers quickly realized the benefits of a 20% gain in capacity per square foot over any other warehouse in the nation serving the food container industry. More buildings followed over the years with increasing heights to accommodate taller pallet units of today’s food container industry. To this day we still maintain the 20% density advantage to our food container customers.

Our Fox Lake facility began operations in 1980 with the purchase of warehouses from the Green Giant Company after they ceased processing operations. This food grade facility serves a niche for our customers that don’t require a tall building for storage of their products, but still desire a high degree of attention to detail and timely service.

Today our operations in Friesland are a little over 400,000 square feet, with our Fox Lake facility adding another 70,000 in service to a varied mix of customers both national and international. Our goal is to create a superior customer experience for those who partner with us. Please click on the Friesland and Fox Lake links for more specific information for each location.

Our Team

James De Young


Growing up in the industry, Jim has learned many aspects required to run a successful warehousing company. It has always been his philosophy to operate Cupery & De Young Storage as a warehousing company that consistently sets the standard in service to our customers in addition to allowing our employees the opportunity to excel and share in our continued success.

Josh Gibbons

Vice President

Josh brings over 30 years of warehouse knowledge to Cupery & De Young Storage. His commitment and attention to detail in serving our warehouse customers and the truck drivers at our docks create a Service Excellence experience.

Holly De Young

Human Resources

As the primary Human Resources contact, Holly works with the rest of the management team to find the best employees for Adams Transit / Cupery & DeYoung Storage, in order to maintain the organizational goal of Service Excellence. A good fit for the employee and the employer is a win-win situation. If you are interested in joining our team, click on the Careers link for more information.

Kendra Maas

Office Manager

As the office manager, Kendra is responsible for the smooth operation of the day-to-day business of the company. She strives to make it possible for other people to function efficiently while working closely with the management team to meet the company’s staffing, equipment, and organizational needs.

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